A World in Peril

Writing Prompt

In my last blog, I invited you to make a list of things that you want to write about.  Then to whittle it down to the things that inspire you.  Finally, to put a letter “P” by the things that you feel passionate about.
For this writing prompt, choose something from your “P” list and write about it until you feel you’ve exhausted the subject (or yourself) for the moment.  Let this be a sort of free-write on something that you feel passionate about–no editing–save the editing for much later.
Though you may not have statistics or facts on the subject that you are writing about, it’s a good idea to let your emotional response to your topic be the motivator at first.  Later on, if you choose, if this is going to be something for publication, you can go back and begin to do research, edit, arrange and craft your piece.
Enjoy the journey.


The image of the woman looking upwards is a piece I painted a few weeks ago.  I have been tossing around the idea “WHY MAKE ART IN A WORLD IN PERIL?”  It seems that other artists ask this same question.  We each have our various answers.  I put my answer in poetic form.

Why make art in a world in peril?
How do I justify this use of my time?
There lives in me something so feral
an inner urge that bursts into rhyme.
It’s certain death to quash this rumbling urge
poetry and paint relieve the seismic stress.
Witness your own ebb and flow and then the surge
for every voice has its resounding YES!
We each have our own inner witness
the one who applauds and sends you center stage.
Yes, that someone who won’t accept less–
it seems more imperative as I age.
Take your pen, your brush, your art-making tool
and in the name of your life, risk being the fool.


Writing TIp & Prompt

As a writer or wannabee writer, it’s a good idea to take a few moments to answer these two questions in your journal:

  1. Why do you feel called to write?
  2.  Why now?

Take at least ten minutes to write your response to each question.  Allow the answers to arise from a deep within place.

Afterwards, reread your answers to see if this feels true.  If you feel the need to elaborate or get more clarity, write some more.  Breathe into your present truth about why  you feel called to write now.

Allow what you’ve written to follow you through the day.  Carry a little pocket-sized notebook and jot down anything that comes to mind on this topic (or anything else that wants to be noted).



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