Claiming Your Inner Writer and/or Poet

Once you truly own the fact that you are a
writer and wear the moniker proudly,
you have said YES to your writer self.

Several years ago, I moved to Mt. Shasta, CA.
I was establishing myself as a poet and writer
while working at a local herb & health store.
I worked three days a week and then
immersed myself in writing, poetry and nature.

One day, I stood in line at the post office and a co-worker who didn’t really know me inquired “So C.G. what do you do with your time when you’re not working at the store?”
There were several people standing in the line between us.  I replied softly “I’m a writer.”

Then he continued (as if he hadn’t heard me)…”laundry, cooking, gardening…”  I said a little bit louder “I’m a writer,” as he continued listing household chores…”sewing, washing the floors, baking…”

I said with more emphasis “I’m a writer,” and he continued with his monologue as if I wasn’t there…”picking up after people, clipping the rosebushes, vacuuming.”

I’d had enough!  I virtually shouted to the whole post office “I’M A WRITER!”

He stopped, looked at me, somewhat stunned and then said “Ah, what do you write?”

He did me a favor as he made me proclaim myself as a writer to myself and to the world.


Have you proclaimed yourself as a writer or poet or artist to yourself?  to others?
In writing, describe when you made that decision to proclaim yourself as such.  Own it!

Owning our innate calling is powerful and moves us in the direction of what we are here to do.  Things come our way that relate to this calling.


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