Letter Writing–When was the last time…


you wrote someone a letter?

When my ex-husband was in the Coast Guard, I wrote him letters.  These letters (I have some of them) were comparable to keeping a diary except that they had a recipient. Rereading them, I notice how I chronicled my daily experience. Was that where this first began, the need to put my life on paper? I wonder. When I moved far from my childhood home, I wrote my parents & siblings letters.  (I have some of these.)

Then there are the letters I’ve received over the years–sometimes notes scribbled in greeting cards–like opening a gift from someone dear to me.  Often, long and laboring letters whereby the author wants to be known to me in some way. Perhaps he or she shares a bit of philosophy, a challenge, a dream, a story, a goal or a memory.

One of my brothers lives off the grid some of the time.  He hasn’t set up a voice mailbox on his phone.  I can’t leave him telephone messages!  He doesn’t have email or do texting. What is my recourse?  Sitting down and writing him a letter (sometimes a postcard). Letter-writing maintains this connection that I value.

It’s so easy to slip someone a text or an email.  There is something quite different about intentionally sitting down at a table or desk and writing a letter. Paper, pen, ink and you. There is a drift your thoughts take as you contemplate the one who is going to receive this letter.  What do you want to say to them? What is, perhaps, going to be preserved on paper?

By the way, we’ve seen whole biographical books created from someone’s found letters. Or we’ve read excerpts from handwritten letters that are descriptive or used to substantiate a claim made by the author. Do you personally see any value in letter writing?  Is it a lost art?

Is there someone in this wide world that you’d like to write a letter to?–do it today.

Letter writing, at least now and then, keeps your writing flow going.  Writing letters can only enhance any other writing you do.

4 thoughts on “Letter Writing–When was the last time…

  1. I have always loved to write letters and in my journals. It’s a good way to keep track of your life, it also helps to clear the mind and find solutions to everyday events. I keep several old letters from family members and friends, also from my husband, in the beginning of our relationship we used to write love notes to each other, it’s fun to read them once in a while and go back in time. But since the invention of computers, my letter writing has diminished considerably, slowly but surely it has been replaced by emails, email writing has become the most used means of communication in my daily life. But there is something special about hand writing, writing by hand it helps me connect more deeply with my heart and at times receive information from unseen sources. Writing in my journals has become a form of therapy for me, and I do it in a regular basis ❤

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  2. Thank you for your lovely, heartfelt comment. I agree that there is great value in keeping a journal and when the spirit prompts, to write a letter. Yes, I believe that writing by hand engages with something that runs deep.


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