Poetry a la carte…poem of the moment

Following my parents’ passing, less than six months apart, I went deeply into that grief place. Accompanied by an unsettling anxiety. For comfort, I read stories of rescued animals that became the most amazing pets.  I remember thinking “That never happens to me–an animal has never showed up on my doorstep.”

Within one week…


Rescued Me
© by Christine O’Brien

I want to withdraw
to retreat into an old
outworn cocoon,
to send him on his way.
But he snuggles in close
and wraps his arms around me
like a security blanket.
I nuzzle in, wondering about this attraction–
where did he come from?
While wanting to push him away,
I relish this closeness.
I tell myself, I deserve such tenderness!
I deserve such gentle love!  I do!
I read to him of the mythology of horses,
their mysticism,
of the heroine’s journey.
He rearranges himself
as I stroke his warm back
as his purr vibrates
through my belly.
I savor the favors he offers–
a fair trade for food and water.
At night, he usually roams,
but last night, he slept on a chair
in my living room,
this wandering feline.
I’m restless.
I want this stealer of hearts
to leave, to be on his way
for he has stirred
the river of possibility
that I am

This purring cat settled on my lap for several hours.  The vibrational quality of the purr helped to calm me.  He returned often and gradually helped me through the grief.

Writing Prompt:
Have you had a magical experience with an animal–pet or otherwise?  Have you written about it?  Why not write about it now?  You decide whether prose or poetry…or does it inspire a painting or collage?

2 thoughts on “Poetry a la carte…poem of the moment

  1. good morning christine…….
    the stars were still twinkling in a darkened sky as i opened my eyes this morning….at 6am…..winds howling through the sagebrush…..
    animals are magical beings……arriving at our doorstep just at the right time……
    …..i have mostly had encounters with birds……
    ……thank you for sharing this sweet story….poem…..
    do you still have this cat?…..name?>……..
    …i so look forward to reading your blog……
    thank you !


    • Good morning & you’re welcome. Thank you for your comment. I like the image of “winds howling through the sagebrush.” It’s been six years and the cat continues to stops by. I’ve named him Golden…however, I’ve heard that others in this neighborhood have named him also. One year, he was a companion to a neighbor up the street when she broke her foot and was out of commission for a couple of months.


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