Dear Readers of My Blog:

Thank you for following my blog for the past six months!  When I started writing this blog, I had no idea the shape it would take or how long I’d continue writing it.  Where does “subject matter” come from?  Also, I do appreciate your likes and comments or discussion as they show me that I’m not talking to myself.

In this season of gathering, I’d like to take a moment to contemplate peace within myself, in my family, community and the world that we share with everyone else.

Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, holds a vision of a time when ‘all my relations‘ are honored.  This vision includes what we consider inanimate objects such as trees and rocks.  And it includes what is termed ‘the four leggeds‘–animals; and insects also.  Her vision includes the earth itself.

Buckminster Fuller, an American author, architect, systems theorist, designer, and inventor, re-popularized the term “Spaceship Earth”.  This world view expresses concern over the earth’s limited resources; it encourages everyone across the world to act as a cohesive crew working for the greater good.

So in this season (and beyond), may I consider that which connects me to others over that which separates us.  And may I remember to practice living from that connection. It truly is one interconnected planet.

Peace to all of



4 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Thank you Christine for all you do here. You’re writing and art are both an inspiration to my turtle pace of writing my story. This truly is the season of family, peace and retrospect. I’ve started dreaming more since beginning my writing projects. This is the season of dreams and miracles and your blog is a dream work for my path. Carry On!
    Thank you! Merry Christmas!!


    • Hi Tom, THANK YOU! And Merry Christmas & the blessings of this season to you and yours. Yes, I agree, “the season of family, peace and retrospect.” I appreciate that you are dreaming…dreams engage you with your subconscious. That’s always interesting. I have faith in you following your star-guided writing. Be well, Christine


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