The Motel

night3The Motel
© by Christine O’Brien

Light plays

with the dark

dawn’s quarter moon

night on the wane.

A single star

winks at the motel’s safety light

flickering between night duty and day.

Street lamps create harsh silhouettes.

Anticipating returning home,

I rise early

tired of my sparsely blanketed complaints and fears.

The building light blinks on again;

the too-early drone of a tv from another room.

Hot water burps from the coffee pot in the bathroom;

the score-less tennis courts below.

The Motel 6 sign flirts with a  Quality Inn sign.

I eat my granola,  drink my tea,

load the car

–an early start home.

Always headlights north and south.

Six in the morning.

I’ll leave him a farewell note.

Writing Prompt:
Travelling gives the writer an opportunity to gain a new perspective.  I actually was at this motel on a solo trip…but I played with the ending of the poem to add a twist.  Poets and writers sometimes like to add a twist.  On your next trip (or shopping expedition), in poetry or prose, take time to describe a setting.  Then add a surprise twist.

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