The wisest thought

bottleLast evening, I had dinner with a friend.  Briefly, we discussed the stories that no longer serve us as we live our lives.  The ones that we stumble over consistently, that don’t elevate us and entrap us in some way.  It reminded me of a poem I wrote many years ago when I was in a philosophical place and perhaps feeling stuck in my own mind’s mire.

The Wisest Thought
© by Christine O’Brien

Everything wants to be dropped
the cleverest line
the wisest thought
the fastest response
the quickest fix
the long, drawn out quest
the poem to end all poems
the holy grail
the golden fleece
my idea of god
the be all religion
the final word

Everything wants to be dropped,
manufactures of the mind
tantalizing illusions
far flung fantasies
my save-the-world plot
reel me in dreams
lies I tell myself
mind games
your truth, my truth
their truth

Everything wants to be dropped
The soggy sorrow
the old griefs
the frozen fears
the human foibles
the working on the self
the angry angst
the whole of it, the nothing of it

Everything wants to be dropped.
So, drop it.

Everything wants to be loved.

Writing Prompt:
What is your story that wants to be dropped?
Or, what is your wisest thought?



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