Firewood Delivered

There are certain harbingers of a season.
In the mountains, one such winter’s messenger is the delivery of firewood — a cord of oak or lodgepole pine cut to size, left in an unwieldy pile in the driveway near the house.  Below is an unpolished, unedited poem from my writing journal.  I don’t have a woodstove now…I have another type of heat.  But I remember very well that sense of gratitude and a feeling of wealth when the firewood was delivered.  These were my poetic thoughts while stacking wood.

Stacking Wood
© by Christine O’Brien

I don’t know what it is
to witness a tree falling
toppling hard upon the earth
vibrating with a thunderous curse.
Was it ready to give up life,
spirit sap, seamless strife,
surrendering to weapons
which sever, protest unheard.
Who will house that lonely bird
which once kept home within these leaves?
Does the bird fly to another hovel or
descend with the tree in a graceless flutter
like flower petals
though not so gently.
Perhaps they remember
the earth from which they’ve come
and rise again in a new form.

Now I stack it in imperfect piles
heat of my hearth
blazing and wild
challenging me
to be so used
The wealth of all that one life can be
standing small am I beside this tree

Writing Prompt:
What is a harbinger of the season in your hemisphere?  Choose one thing and write about it uncensored in poetry or prose.  Be real, be silly,  be serious, be ridiculous, be imperfect, just be.


2 thoughts on “Firewood Delivered

  1. Wow!…Beautiful words Christine!….”Who will house that lonely bird…..”… that!..I awoke to snow this morning….gracing the parched earth with a luxurious cloak of white!…THIS …is my harbinger of WINTER….perhaps our winter is delayed this year….perhaps there is still a minute chance of more water falling from the crackling sky….i must not give up hope…
    thank you for sharing this lovely poem today!….
    blessings of water..snow….cold….coming to all areas that need it!…HO!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Melody, Thank you for your comment! I’m with you. I hope and pray that winter arrives before we settle too deeply into spring and summer. So glad you have a “luxurious cloak of white” today in contrast to the “crackling sky!” I can sense into these. You have a good day.


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