In contradiction of…



In the last blog, I proposed that you get your “rant” out of the way and then do the writing that you feel called to do.  I also suggested that you write your rant on a piece of scratch paper and then discard it.  That’s fine…

However, today as I was clearing out some papers, I came across something that I wrote in 2011.  I titled it two hours a day because I vowed that, as a writer, I would write for two hours daily.  What I wrote could be considered a rant, all 23 pages of it.  Then, sitting down to read what I had written about, I realized that it was not a rant…it was a woman expressing grief at loss.  Both of my parents had recently died six months apart after a very rocky last couple of years.  The family had been seriously divided around this process with our parents.  There was so much to grieve.

How could I possibly get that out of my system in five or ten minutes?  I wrote about my navigation through the crevassed land of grief.  This wasn’t separate from what I desired to write about.  My experience of grief related to the course my writing was taking as affected by life in the “real world”.

You don’t function effectively as a “fragmented being.”  To be authentic in your writing, you can’t divorce it from your life experiences. Your “real” life is part and parcel of what you can effectively write about.  Even when you are writing fiction.  The emotions (and even some of your edited experiences) may find their way into your fictional writing.

Consider that behind the rant or expression of an emotion is usually a value.  Forget the scratch paper idea…write it in your journal…it’s the context in which you are evolving as both a human being and a writer.

Realistically, ANYTHING THAT WE EXPERIENCE is going to influence our writing, painting and other art forms.

Writing Prompt:
Are you inclusive with yourself?  That is, do you recognize the places where your writing, painting  and life overlap?




2 thoughts on “In contradiction of…

  1. I very much appreciate your thoughts. I can relate, and yes, everything we experience–I would call it integrity, being whole–and as you imply, how much we share with others is a different question.

    Yesterday in a supermarket carpark, I watched a large van in reverse miss a very small child by an inch. I was angry at everyone, up to and including the universe, and the scene is etched in my mind. It will come out in my work, I don’t know how or when, but it will.

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    • Thank you for your comment, Steve. I also understand your angry reaction at witnessing a near miss! I often consider the challenges of being “so sensitive” in my life. I guess that such sensitivity can only feed one’s writing, poetry and art. Take good care.

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