“Um…do we need paddles?”

Where on earth did these three cuties come from?  I set out to practice painting a small grouping of women, meditative and emanating peace.  My painting took a turn which I was compelled to follow.

Was it because life had become too serious once again, dragging me along in the wake of  too many challenges at once?  On a bit of overwhelm, perhaps?  I needed something whimsical, fun and colorful.  There is definitely a story here. Fellow artists offered captions for this trio.

Writing Prompt:
What caption would you give this little painting?  What is your first response?  Or, what’s the story behind this scenario?  Write it.  For the fun of it.

Share your caption under comments if you like.

Note:  Don’t writers see the story in everything…the story behind what is on the surface?

4 thoughts on ““Um…do we need paddles?”

  1. These ladies put a smile on my face! Such formal attire for a boat ride! I love their expression but I think the lady at the back in yellow has something to,do with the fact they have no oars. Could it be she was the one responsible for bringing them along and she forgot? This is what came Tom mind as I examined your art! Always enjoyable to see your paintings and the thoughts that accompany them.

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  2. I was thinking along similar lines, the forgotten paddles! Taking it a bit further, they could be siblings or 2 siblings with the mother in the middle. The one in the middle certainly has a look of disdain at such forgetfulness while the melancholic expression of the Red Sister says, “I can’t believe you did it again!” Meanwhile, the youngest in bright yellow and a flushed face is trying to figure out how to get where they are going! Ruth Turner


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