What I Take for Granted

Making my morning smoothie.  I lay out the ingredients–apple juice (the apples were from my apple trees), aloe vera juice, flaxseed oil, bananas, yogurt, cabbage, berries, cherries, cantaloupe–whatever fruits and vegetables that are organic and in season–protein powder…the list goes on.

This smoothie has become a daily ritual.  As I add the realfood
ingredients, I am aware that not everyone has these
vibrant fruits and vegetables available to concoct
a nourishing and delicious smoothie.  Yet, here I am,
gazing out the kitchen window at trees and mountains while doing this morning ritual.


Writing Prompt:
What do you take for granted?  Write about it.
Give it some recognition and appreciation.

4 thoughts on “What I Take for Granted

  1. thank you Christine…for this constant reminder….yes…..there are so many things we just take for granted…..or not….if one is watching the moments as they come…I am very grateful for all that I have here in this remote place. …When resources…food….convenient shops….etc…are removed from one’s daily existence….a new sense of WOW!…appears…..wow!…I have groceries….wow!…I can use up my last bag of organic rice….because a friend is bringing more from Salt Lake City…..I almost feel like I am in a Western movie….traveling across the desert in a covered wagon….and thinking about the miles and miles we need to travel to get provisions!..thank you for this blog today…..it really hits home…:>))

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  2. I got behind and just read this post this morning. I was prompted to write about my body and the issues I focus on while taking for granted all the gifts that are showered on me every moment. While I was writing, I heard an ambulance siren in the distance as well as a sweet bird singing outside my window, perfect reflections of my inner state.
    Thanks for this prompt, Christine!


  3. Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your comment! You know how much I appreciate comments from readers. I appreciate the contrast and comparison that you made. Always interesting to note the juxtaposition of things.


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