Giving Away a Book of Poetry

Now and then, I weed my bookshelves (not often enough).  Today, I picked up a book of poetry, browsed through it and felt like it was one I could release.  I put it aside.  I would take it to the garage later on and start a giveaway book box.  It occurred to me that I should see if I’d written any private notes inside as I sometimes do.  On the last page and back book cover, there was a poem I’d written (with pen) in the year 2000.  I could easily rip the one page out but tearing off the back book cover seemed like too much of a vandalism.

What to do?  I could tear out the one page, make a copy of the back page to salvage my poem in toto and then put white acrylic paint over my words on the back cover.  The poem was about having broken up with someone.  I’d gone to the big city and was sitting at the cafe counter having breakfast.  “Everywhere I turn, there are reminders of us.”  About how I was hoping to dilute my loneliness by being around lots of people in the big city…

Finally, I decided to tear out the first page of the poem and leave the second.  No one would know that these were my words…anonymous script in a book of poetry feels like an intrigue, right?  Whoever finds this book might recognize themselves in my words.  Or somehow be elevated or validated, hopefully not depressed.

Finally, I gessoed over, painted over, whited out my words on the back inside cover.  A few words peaked through…that would have to provide enough of an intrigue.


So do you write in your books?  Is that a way to engage the conversation that any book engenders by virtue of being A Book?  Or is it more like any scrap of paper has to do when inspiration strikes?


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