The ODE~~Anything Goes!

What better poetic form is there
to welcome spring than the ODE?  

According to Edward Hirsch, the ode is “A celebratory poem in an elevated language on an occasion of public importance or on a lofty universal theme.”  He further describes it as “…some inner feeling rising up in urgent response to an outer occasion, something owed.”  The odes used to be sung…the word is derived from Greek and referencing the word lyric.  And then it came to us through the Latin form oda. “The movement of the verse is emotionally intense and highly exalted,” according to Hirsch.

Aren’t those some of the feelings of spring?   Emotional intensity, exaltation, celebratory, feelings rising up, a sense of urgency.

Several years ago, I sat in a poetry circle at the local library. The facilitator of the group invited us to write a poem that inferred spring.  The following poem is what came to me…and it just happens to be an ode.  Hence the title.

© by Christine O’Briendaffodil.1

Tight fists
clenching their glory
beneath the earth
White coverlet
seeping cold
heads upwrd
tulips of pink
sunny daffodils
rambunctious rununculous
iris infatuation
a miracle of anemones
heady hyacinth
narcissus’ pride
stalwart amaryllis
calla and canna lilies
Reminders of
how grand
we can become!

Writing Prompt:
Is there anything at all in the season that you are experiencing (be it spring or autumn) to which you’d like to write an ode?  Celebrate it!  Write it!

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