Ode to the Avocado

In the spirit of welcoming spring, a few more odes if only to prove that an ode can celebrate almost anything.

One of my workshops is on the theme of Unrequited Love.  I invite participants to name their favorite food.  What is yours?  Then, imagine a world without that food.  Ah, the pining over something that you once had and now, it’s gone forever.  Out of this longing, I wrote the following poem.

Ode to the Avocado
© by Christine O’Brien

Those long,
hot summers on
the veranda
Oh how I longed for you
to fill me up
to satisfy that yearning which
none other can quell
so well.

As you, in
succulent shades of green,
descend in ovalesque afternoons
while waves of heat
ripple pavement.
You are the reward greeting
me in cool aloofness enveloping
my parchedness with sheets
of smooth and more smooth.

In this land of dry dust, moral certitude and
prim facades
as I properly partake of you
delicately dipping from the glazed tureen
–images of far off tropical beaches
a whisper of marimbas on a wayward breeze
while from a wooden shell
brown hands recklessly dip salted
chips into your green pithiness
daring one to frankly, my dear,
not give a damn.

Writing Prompt:
Go ahead, choose a food that you can’t do without.  Write your ode to this favorite food.
Please do share it under comments if you like.



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