Ode to My Jeans

An ode can convey gratitude.  This ode also employs the use of figurative language.  My sister, Kathryn, wrote this ode to her jeans several years ago.

Ode to My Jeans
© by Kathryn O’Brien

you always hug me
in just the right places

I remember
flipping through pages
slinky skimpy girlie stuff
Victoria’s Secret
catalog of glossies
the kind Joe liked

I sipped coffee
in bored fantasy
until you appeared
pure cotton denim
so out of place
like me in Joe’s life

you were hidden beneath
a one-size-fits-all
cotton sweater
but just my style
I sent away for you

stretched snugly over my limbs
you highlighted my form
holding me up
where I might have buckled
always there to slip into
when nothing else fit

stuffed into clunky hiking boots
or finished with delicate heels
mickey mouse sweatshirt
or silk camisole
I remember how it never mattered
who I was inside of you
how Joe never noticed either way

so here we are
faded and worn
sagging around the hips
loose at the waist
six years gone
Joe too
your left knee exposing bare flesh

Writing Prompt:
What in your life would you like to elevate into an ode?  It could be a n y t h i n g.



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