Tell the truth…Do you now or have you ever read ROMANCE NOVELS?

They certainly do have a big audience in our culture.

There was a period of time in my life when I read Danielle Steel’s novels (though brief).  On occasion, I’ve read other romance writers…I’m sure that I sought them for escape and to bring some sort of a balance into my life in the moment.  Leaving a long term marriage many years ago,  I watched romantic comedies to get a glimpse of how people conducted themselves in the world of dating.  I’d been out of circulation for so long.  Of course, these films weren’t the best resources.  However, if they were well-made, they were enjoyable.

My favorite all-time romantic film is A Room with a View.  I consider this one to be a classic art film.  For some reason, whenever I feel downcast, I gravitate to this film for comfort.  I think it is the beauty of the settings, the well-chosen actors, the actual idiosyncrasies of the scripted characters, the intelligent and witty dialogue and the unfolding story with an ending that is pleasing to me.

Following is a well-loved and classic scene from the film.  Less than two minutes long, it captures that spirit of romance.


Do You Want to Share:
Your favorite romance book, story or film?  Have you written one yourself?

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