Anna Swir Talks to her Body!

“Anna Świrszczyńska (also known as Anna Swir) (1909–1984) was a Polish poet whose works deal with themes including her experiences during  World War II, motherhood, the female body, and sensuality…She also writes frankly about the female body in various stages of life.”  Wikipedia

The body is a storehouse of information in the form of memories, holding and revealing stories and lessons.  Sometimes, often, it seems like I need a translator to understand what the body is relating to me.  Listening to the body, I learn a lot about how to live in harmony with our natural world, this planet earth.

I Talk to my BodySpring1
by Anna Swir

My body, you are an animal
whose appropriate behavior
is concentration and discipline.
An effort
of an athlete, of a saint and a yogi.

you may become for me
a gate
through which I will leave myself
and a gate
through which I will enter myself.
A plumb line to the center of the earth
and a cosmic ship to Jupiter

My body, you are an animal
for whom ambition
is right.
Splendid possibilities
are open to us.

Writing Prompt:
Using the prompt of Anna Swir’s line
“My body you are…” write for ten minutes.
Is there more to be said?  Write some more.



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