Do You Like Zucchini Pie?


How do you know unless you try it?

My daughter’s family was visiting over the summer.  I served her favorite childhood dish, zucchini pie.  I am the master zucchini pie maker–there is no humility here!  My 9-year old grandson decided that he didn’t like zucchini pie.  My daughter quoted the age-old adage…”How do you know that you don’t like something unless you try it.”  It worked. My Grandson asked for a piece of zucchini pie.  I served him a small slice and watched as he pulled the zucchini out and gave it to his mom, eating the crust and the souffle-like filling.  Then he asked for another piece and this time he ate the zucchini too. The verdict was “I do like zucchini pie!” to his amazement.

Are there qualities or techniques practiced by other authors that you admire? The way they use metaphor, how they employ image detail, their poetic inferences and subtleties, or their use of archaic words, etc.  Is there something that you think is beyond you as a writer or poet?  Is there something in writing and poetry (or painting) that you’ve been curious about but haven’t dared to try?  Have you wanted to explore any of the writing prompts that I’ve offered through this blog ?

Go at your own pace, test a technique or creative writing tool out, before immersing yourself.  You can also try the technique or form within the context of what you are presently writing.  Or, practice with how you can whittle, chisel or shave it to meet your need, desire and design.

What is one creative writing tool that you’d like to learn?  Is it how to write great metaphors or similes or other descriptive elements?  Is there a poetic form that appeals to you? Take a time out to play with a creative writing tool or poetic form of your choice and see where you can go with it.  Make it a daily practice for awhile to really deepen your relationship with it.

As I did with this story of my grandson and zucchini pie, you can insinuate things from your daily experience into your present day writing.  This technique engages your audience in a personal way.  You’ve become a real person to them.


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