How Smart are Smart Meters?

I am checking in with my blog.  The skies continue to be smoky and air quality is unhealthy.  We are mostly housebound especially the older population, the young and anyone with health concerns.  The fires to the south of us are 41% contained…the loss of acreage is 154, 524 acres to date.  We are also likely getting the smoke from the fires to the north of us.  It depends on the direction of the wind.  One of my sisters who was evacuated from her home has been allowed to return.  She gets retraumatized whenever she looks out of the windows.  The backyard hillside marks the devastation.  Another sister never left her home.  And, the third one can’t return until the fires are out as her lungs are fragile.

Last night, I watched a recorded session of our local City Council Meeting.  This morning, I wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper.  Letters to the editor have to be 300 words or less.  This letter was prompted by some of the perspectives I heard over the course of the two hour meeting.  I thought I’d post it here.

Dear Editor,

Sixty local citizens showed up to give input at a specially convened city council meeting referencing the smart meters.  Each council member shared their perspective.  The council voted on the action they would take within the limits of their authority.

I want to thank the sensitive ones…the ones who have experienced health challenges due to the installation of smart meters at their residences.  Thanks to those who react to a toxic load level.  They are the ones who alert the less sensitive ones that something has potential health risk.

In the mid-seventies, I moved into a house in Fremont, CA with my husband and daughter.  There was a serious flea infestation.  The exterminator came and sprayed a pesticide.  In a few weeks, he had to return again because the new flea eggs hatched with a whole new infestation.  It had to be sprayed a third time.  They assured me that the pesticide was harmless to humans.

My daughter and I broke out in large welts and I vomited for two weeks.  The body has a knowing that science has yet to catch up with.  My husband worked away from home frequently so he wasn’t subject to the same exposure that we were.

Toxins are cumulative in the world we’ve created.  It’s not whether one toxic element stands alone and is rendered “harmless”.  Put it in the mix of all the other toxic things we’ve created in our complex technological world and voila, you find people are getting sick and the cause is “unknown”.

I have opted out of the smart meter although the fee hasn’t been disclosed yet.  Note that there is a disclaimer on the meter–should you get sick, there is no recourse to sue either the installer or power company.

special city council meeting:



Writing Prompt:
Are there times that you feel compelled to speak out?  Do you?  What is your best way to communicate your thoughts and feelings?  For me, today, it is this letter to the editor.

Have a good day everyone.



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