There is a technique to collage and yet, is there?

I collage on a 6″ by 6″ wood birch panel.  I choose from papers that I have on hand.  I had painted mini mandalas on these papers previously.  I cut or tear and paste, randomly arranging scraps of paper on the panel.  The plan is to collage a purple elephant that I painted a few years ago on this background.  The purple elephant is then to be the featured piece around which I build and complete this little work of art.

Against this backdrop of semi-circle suns and cresting mountains, I see a face.  A face that resembles a Maori woman or is she Swahili?  Or neither.  Anyway, that’s what occurs to me.  I bring her forth; the intuitive artist’s task is to follow where one is lead.  At first, she’s only a face floating at the top of the tiny piece, asserting herself.  Looking further, I see it is an entire person–there’s her neck and she’s wearing a dress of varied fabrics.  Earlier, I had done some silver leafing.  Using teal paint, I push the entire figure forward.

I stand back to see what else presents itself.  Is there anything more that wants to be seen and expressed?  I see that half of the elephant is another figure with a wildly striped tiger face wearing a purple garment.  This figure is standing and facing the first woman.  Now I have a decision to make.  Do I scrap my prized elephant and bring the second figure forward?  According to what I’ve experienced in the creative process, it appears that I do have to scrap the elephant to move this piece along.  Bye bye to the purple elephant–another time, another art piece perhaps.

Art can teach the artist about impermanence.  Non-attachment.  That my own desires and designs are secondary to an unfolding and evolving plan.

Ultimately, I forced my own desire and design and decided to keep the elephant.  It’s all been part of my process and this mixed media piece’s evolution.


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I am a writer, a seeker, a discoverer, a poet, a painter, a woman with something to say about a variety of topics. Some topics are difficult but they are real. Some are sheer silliness.

6 thoughts on “Collage”

    1. Thanks, Danielle. Typically, I am in “conversation” with a piece as to what’s next in it’s evolution….then, there are times when I direct the course of a piece. I definitely feel uncertainty when I like something and yet feel called to let it go. Appreciate your comment.


  1. Love this art collage. One of my favorite things to do. It’s amazing what you notice when you step back and look. Sometimes on larger pieces while working up close, surprising small images appear. Once while walking past an abstract piece I had done, I stopped in my tracks when I suddenly and clearly saw a female figure I had not intentionally painted. It freaked me out a little to suddenly see her. 😊

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    1. Thanks, Cathy. I understand your reaction to seeing a female figure in your abstract painting. It is surprising when that happens. I painted an abstract of colors several years ago. Last month, I noticed a “woman in the moon” face within the abstract. I thought how interesting that I hadn’t planned or noticed it before.


      1. Love when this happens! It’s so interesting. I tend to look for a possible message from these surprises. Love the violet background of your blog.

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