The story of Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t one of my favorites…however, it did impact me.  Early on, I rewrote the ending…the wolf was a good guy and everyone sat around together having tea in my final scene.

This painting was inspired by a class called Barn Painting, taught by Alissa Millsap in Paint Your Heart and Soul, 2017.  Entering the realm of this piece, it was painted on an 8″x8″ birch panel, I quickly decided that it wasn’t going to be a barn.  It was going to be  grandma’s cottage in the woods.  And then, in the forefront, I placed Little Red Riding Hood and her companion/friend the wolf.  I just realized that here I go again, making the wolf an ally.

Taking a class from a fellow artist, I am presented with a formula of sorts.  This artist showed me the techniques and tools that she used to create a barn on a substrate.  I was guided through her process.  While I borrowed techniques and used the tools, I diverted and made different choices, incorporated my own style and personal perspective to create an original painting.  I was relatively new at painting faces, so this Red Riding Hood’s face is rather juvenile.  Yet, I like her and think that she works with the piece.  I love the wolf…a friendly fellow (so long as he’s well-fed).  The wolf is made whimsical and less frightening with the wisps of pastel colors in his coat.

In direct contrast, the color RED is dramatic and immediately eye-catching.  Some artists love the drama of red while others hide from it, modify it or use it sparingly if at all.  I’m learning to have a liking for a true red.  Used without apology.

If you are familiar with the chakra energy system, you probably remember that red symbolizes the root chakra located at the base of the spine.  The root chakra can represent our origins, our quality of feeling grounded in present reality, living in connection to the earth and our core self.  We cultivate this connection by the choices we make in our lives.  Many people have a need for healing their family history–yes, root chakra taps into that.  To support this energetic healing, a person might eat red foods, wear red clothing, carry a red stone or crystal, write or make art around their family history, and if necessary, see a therapist and work on that early family bond.

When I wear red, it seems that I want to be noticed.  Red is not for wallflowers.

What’s your experience with the color red?



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I am a writer, a seeker, a discoverer, a poet, a painter, a woman with something to say about a variety of topics. Some topics are difficult but they are real. Some are sheer silliness.

5 thoughts on “Red”

  1. Christine,
    I am so loving your series of small paintings! Little Red Riding Hood seems very confident. I’m glad the wolf is her ally; a good ally to have.
    I love orange reds especially; so vibrant, warm, and bold! I’m quite curious about grandma’s cottage. I like to imagine what it might contain, what qualities it may have, and what grandma may be like. 😊
    Thanks for the info about the root chakra. A few days ago I listened to a far reaching talk about many things. The root chakra and womb were mentioned as areas where women tend to hold their pain and the pain of others. This made sense to me personally, and involved ways of healing the pain.
    Wishing you happiness and all good things.

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    1. Cathy,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I would say that this Red Riding Hood is very confident…then who wouldn’t be with a wolf as an ally.
      Orange Reds…I like that color too. Do you use it in your art? All good questions about grandma’s cottage interior and grandma herself. I’m guessing she likes to bake and garden and hike in the mountains. Interesting about the talk you listened to. There’s a lot of information out there for all of us these days.

      Take good care.


      1. Christine,
        I’m liking true red more recently. I use red in my paintings and also love to wear red. It’s a feel good color for me. I don’t know much about chakras.
        I have a feeling grandma is an excellent story teller and makes great soups. 😊 Cathy

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  2. Red was my mother’s favourite colour so whenever I see it, especially in clothes, I think of her. Mom was the opposite of someone who wanted to be noticed. She was a bit of an introvert like me. I think the colour just appealed to her because she could wear it to add interest to her other basic black, white, navy blue work clothes.

    Red lipstick seems to be making a comeback. I don’t think I will follow that trend this time around.

    Regards Christine from Ottawa, 🇨🇦

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    1. Thanks, Louise,
      My Mom wore the deep red lipstick too. It was gorgeous on her. I went through my own red lipstick phase. I had a few red dresses worn occasionally. It is also a festive color to me.

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