Look Up!

Living in the mountains, I have an opportunity to see the stars at night.  This is an advantage over living in a big, artificially lit city.  When I lived in San Francisco, beside the ocean and not the inner city, I could occasionally see the stars at night…when it wasn’t foggy.

Looking up at the night sky, I get a sense of both my smallness and my connection to something greater.


Ever since I learned Nikol Wilman’s technique of painting a sky, I adapted it to create the background for a few of my paintings.

Drawing and painting a face looking upwards proved to be very challenging.  Yet it was what I envisioned and I forged on to make it happen.

How often do you look up?  While walking in nature, I’m frequently looking down in order to see where I’m stepping especially if the terrain is rocky or has tree roots.  On such walks I find that it’s important to stop and take time to look out and to look up.  Expanding my field of vision in this way, I get out of my small mind thinking.  It’s certainly not all about me!

I love this creation story as told by Wilfred Buck.  We have such a connection to and longing for the stars.  This story is not so far-fetched.  Our lives here are more mystery than certainty.


Wilfred is from Lake Winnipeg in rural Manitoba, Canada.  His tribe affiliation is Cree, also known as Ininew, one of Canada’s largest First Nations groups. He is an amazing storyteller.  If you have six minutes to listen, I think you’re going to appreciate this lovely creation Story.  Try closing your eyes as you listen and imagine.

“We come from the stars,” Buck says.

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I am a writer, a seeker, a discoverer, a poet, a painter, a woman with something to say about a variety of topics. Some topics are difficult but they are real. Some are sheer silliness.

4 thoughts on “Look Up!”

  1. Christine,

    Your painting reminds me of nights when I lived in Oregon. Every night especially in the summer in the high desert where I lived, I would either step out and look up at the sky before I went to bed or sit in a lounge chair and look at the sky for a long time. It really helps to put things into perspective. I even took to talking to the Big Dipper as if to a friend. The Milky Way stretched across the sky over our house. It was incredible! I’m glad you get to experience clear dark nights to see the stars. I miss that; too much light here at night for stargazing in the Bay Area. I liked hearing about Star Woman being the first person on earth, and that the legend is that we are from the Pleiades.

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  2. I probably already asked and forgot…but where in Oregon did you live? Yes, I liked this creation story also. And the way that Wilfred Buck told it. I like to be a told a story now and then. My friend, Richard, who passed away in 2018 felt that he was returning to the stars. My sister, Kathy, also said that. Thanks for your comment. I so
    appreciate hearing from those who read my blog.


    1. I lived in Prineville in Central Oregon about an hour northeast of Bend. We had a wonderful view of the ranching valley that stretched out below our house in a small neighborhood on a hill with wonderful views of the Cascade Mountains. Quite a change to be living back in the Bay Area, but I love being near my daughter and granddaughter here. We frequently stayed overnight in Shasta on our travels back and forth. You live in a beautiful area.

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  3. Thanks. Yes, it would be quite a change to be living back in the Bay Area. Being here for twenty years, I don’t think I could adapt to city living again. Though I miss my family there. And the expense of it.
    I’ve been to Bend but not to Prineville. It does sound beautiful.


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