Sonnet Two

Not that we shouldn’t desire more
of that which feeds the hungering soul
for such yearning, it seems, opens the door
as we stare out upon a distant knoll.

“Comfortable complacency” is fine
–we all need pauses in our quest for more–
Grateful for the banquet on which we dine
fingers laced, beside the fireplace, shut the door.

But when the bell tolls the eleventh hour
mustn’t we from our sedentary rise?
Step into our uncomfortable power–
this before our comforts become a vise.

The hungering soul feasts on freedom.
Quick!  They are capturing the kingdom.



I wrote this poem a couple of years ago and again tried to merge poetry with imagery.  I’m not really pleased with the painting…but I think the message is current.  Truly, it doesn’t seem like we can hide behind our “comfortable” doors any longer although we mostly shelter in place.  I think that we are asked to be activists in a way that is true to our nature.

When any one of our freedoms is infringed upon, we are called to stand up against injustice.  When our neighbor’s freedom is infringed upon, we are called to stand up against injustice.  For truly, if my neighbor isn’t well-cared for by our society, then I’m affected too.  We’re in this together.

Remember, Spaceship Earth, so-named by Buckminster Fuller?  We’re all here together riding around on this very small planet.

“How can I serve?”

I frequently ask this question of myself.


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I am a writer, a seeker, a discoverer, a poet, a painter, a woman with something to say about a variety of topics. Some topics are difficult but they are real. Some are sheer silliness.

4 thoughts on “Sonnet Two”

  1. “Quick! They are capturing the kingdom.”
    These words frame for me what’s happening especially yesterday and today. My body, heart, and mind can barely take it. This doesn’t even take into account the last 4 years. I have not felt well for at least three days; empathic and intuitive. I’m sure my husband is getting tired of me saying, “They are starting to make their move.” Even though you wrote this awhile ago, it applies today. I truly wish I knew how I could help. It’s going to take more than I thought. Even though the news is dire, your words have been a much needed witness for my being.
    Much love. Thank you for your painting and your words and your presence.

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  2. Cathy, You are welcome. Yes, these are difficult times. The empathic and intuitive feel it deeply. Yesterday, I did an online energy class with yoga, visualization and energy point work. It really helps to do things that get your body calm. I wrote this poem in 2017 when the new regime came into office. I wrote nearly a dozen of these sonnets in response to what was emerging and what I could foresee. Prayers for all of us and don’t forget to breathe.

    with love,


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