Infinity (and beyond)


A few years ago, I took an online course on the Hindu Wisdom Goddesses.  One of these Goddesses, Bhuvaneshwari by name, creates worlds.  And worlds within worlds.  An infinity of worlds.  Perhaps she stitches or weaves them.  As in this painting.  And then, maybe she flings them off into the vast universe(s).  What are they going to become?

I like the image of this…that some great Goddess is out there constantly creating worlds.  It’s as if she’s stretching her wild imagination to engage yet another possibility.  Isn’t that what we’re being called to do now.  In this time of Covid Virus, social unrest, political upheaval, planetary degradation–how can we recreate the world?  How can we recreate ourselves in this current world?  We have an opportunity.  When there is chaos, there is expanded possibility.

I was listening to a speaker yesterday…his name is Bayo Akomolafe.  Bayo is a wise thinker and activist for our times.  I liked this line, this idea, his suggestion:

“Let’s stay with the trouble of our becoming.  Let’s see what that does to us.”

I appreciate this thought because I notice how I, we, anyone wants things to return to “normal.”  To settle down and actually go backwards into what was, but no longer is.
To find an escape of some sort so we don’t have to deal with what is happening right now.  However, if we can stay with the trouble of our becoming, perhaps there is hope for something beyond that, some growth spurt of oneself and then the exponential factor can come into play–the growth spurt of many.  I hope so.

Following is a five-minute video clip of Bayo Akomolafe speaking on the “cultural myth that sets up man as central to the universe…”  I appreciate his way of perceiving and thinking outside of the boxes that we’ve accepted as the way it is.  I like to stretch my mind to think more broadly and to be more inclusive.

I hope that you take time to listen to this and let me hear what you think.

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I am a writer, a seeker, a discoverer, a poet, a painter, a woman with something to say about a variety of topics. Some topics are difficult but they are real. Some are sheer silliness.

9 thoughts on “Infinity (and beyond)”

  1. Hi, Christine, I enjoyed this image and the concept of a Goddess creating worlds.

    Astrologer and Human Design expert Karen Curry Parker says that this is not quite the time to act, but that we have a few days this week before the energy shifts to use our the creativity of our minds to envision what we want to see in our world, ourselves, our lives. I’m finally getting around to following her suggestions – this may be the last day.

    I literally just assembled large drawing pads, markers, paint pens to begin the process. I picked up my phone to read your post.

    So today, thanks to you and Divine synchronicity I’ll see myself as a goddess creating worlds.

    How was your art show? Did you enjoy yourself?

    On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 8:19 AM Wake Up Princess wrote:

    > wakeupprincess posted: ” A few years ago, I took an online course on the > Eastern Indian Wisdom Goddesses. One of these Goddesses, Bhuvaneshwari by > name, creates worlds. And worlds within worlds. An infinity of worlds. > Perhaps she stitches or weaves them. As in this paintin” >

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    1. Dear Judy, Thanks for your thought-full comment. Interesting. I remembered that Mercury had been in retrograde. So it was a time of completions of things that had been in process i.e., the art show. It had been in process for over a year and I finally consented to make it happen with the encouragement of the hotel manager. And that inner force that says, “now’s the time.” So the exhibit had 13 paintings, ten new ones created in the past two months. A good focus for me. The actual Open House, I wasn’t encouraging people to come that day and the exhibit is up for three more weeks–so the people who did visit and the hotel guests seemed to enjoy it. Most of the people wore masks, except when they didn’t fit properly and slipped down below their noses. And it’s hard for people to stand six feet apart and converse. All very interesting. And, I’m grateful to have done it! Pleased. Thanks for asking.


  2. Christine,
    Congratulations on your art show! I find myself coming back over and over to your painting as I try to intuit more information about the goddess creating worlds. Wondering what is in her mind; what are her intentions? Her posture is so interesting. There’s beauty and grace, energy in her swirling skirts, but also I feel an intensity that I wonder about. You/she has me thinking about what world are we in the process of creating. How will it be different? I’m sure feeling uncomfortable; at times scared. I find myself feeling like I’m transforming a little, and then there’s a feeling of regression and nervous energy. Mostly, I’m trying to hold my ship steady, but not sure of the course.
    I spent the last hour watching the short video of Bayo Akomolafe, and then reading and researching about him. He’s a very interesting person, thinker, and doer. Thanks for the link and for your offerings.

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    1. Hi Cathy, Thank you for sharing your feelings and being vulnerable. Me too…I go in and out of feelings and questions float unanswered as we don’t really know what is next. We’ve never experienced anything like this before. Joining a world summit online, people are voicing the same thoughts, insecurities and fears. And there is also optimism even though we don’t see a clear direction. When the Goddess creates worlds, I can’t presume to know her intention. She is creativity personified. There are variations within creation. We look for a reason for this variety when perhaps it is the sheer need to create. I consider that we are each a little cosmos unto ourselves. We are worlds encountering and discovering one another. You put it perfectly when you said you are “trying to hold my ship steady, but not sure of the course.” I find that each day, I have an assignment or several. I plan for tomorrow in basic ways as I live today and lean slightly into the unknown tomorrow. I spend time in nature towards the end of the day. I think it can comfort and inform us.


  3. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I sat for a long while today under some redwood trees at the park with bare feet on the earth. I worked in my Smashbook and wrote two haiku poems. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my four year old granddaughter and her parents at a beach on the San Francisco Bay. She built a huge cake for Olaf from Frozen and put rocks around it and a waterway to the bay. I tell you this because these are everyday happy things that keep me solidly in the game and resilient. Reminding me of what’s important.

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