My Next House

I found my next house and have moved! it’s not far from where I lived before, but in a more forested area. This little house used to be an art studio. It is distant enough from the main house on the property to be private. In fact, it’s on two acres! The house is a sweet space, two stories and truly in the trees…that’s all I see when I look out the windows–pines and cedars and manzanita. Yet, there is plenty of opportunity for a successful garden. I dug up the herbs from the planter that Philip built and transported the wood sculpture and the herbs here. That’s a good place to begin the new garden.

I’m going to take gardening seriously regardless of how long I stay. Yes, the garden supersedes everything else for now! It is my shaman, my teacher, my mentor. A rock garden, an herb garden, flowers along the pathway to the front door, flowers in a barrel. Perhaps build a shrine to the losses I’ve experienced over the course of my life. What else? Vegetables? Hmmm, maybe not. We do have a good farmer’s market nearly year around.

Thank Goddess for the garden. I can be a heady person, thinking and pondering life. And politics! I wonder how we can finally learn to cooperate? What can we agree upon? What are our similarities? Where do we connect? Perhaps we have to ask ourselves new questions to get different, hopefully better answers. How do we define peace? Does it need to be redefined? Can we celebrate our differences rather than let them divide us? I read the mission statement of the United Nations:

United Nations mission statement is “the maintenance of international peace and security.” Eradicating conflicts across the globe is the pivotal duty of this organization. Its focus on this area is because it seeks to: 1. Improve Lives and 2. Transform Communities

While the mission of the United States Department of Defense is “… to provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.” A contradiction within itself it would seem–deter war by engaging in war. My sister and I were talking last night. She said that she would have thought that by this century, leaders around the world would have found a better way to deal with conflict. Me too!

The tulip is a different religion than the carnation. The daffodil is a whole different race than the forget-me-not. The rose does not reign as queen over the daisy. The yellow goldenrod is companionable to its neighbor, the purple aster. They all appreciate a soft spring rain, playful warm breezes and are lulled by the songs of nature. They all welcome the bumble bee. They each want to be the most that they can be. They each have something wonderful to offer. They’d hope the same for us–freedom to be and share our gifts.

Competition has been “the word” for a long time. The world grows smaller and it seems right that cooperation becomes the word of now.

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I am a writer, a seeker, a discoverer, a poet, a painter, a woman with something to say about a variety of topics. Some topics are difficult but they are real. Some are sheer silliness.

5 thoughts on “My Next House”

  1. p.s. while reading your post, I began wondering if we had our leaders go for a time to a small community to live among the people, make friends with the land and seasons, grow food, cook food, garden, and have conversations, if they would come back changed with new perspectives that support life, the earth and communities. Would it make a difference?

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    1. Cathy, as always, thanks for your comment! Today’s post was partially from an earlier journal writing. I lived in that sweet house for a little over a year. Then I had new, very intrusive neighbors that moved into the main house on the property and I had to move again. That said, I really like the question you pose…if our leaders could go to a small community and experience the garden, the seasons, etc. I think it might make a difference. Theodore Roosevelt was a leader who did “drop out” of society for a while after the loss of his young wife. I believe that retreat helped him to realize the value of our lands and forests, thus the National Park Systems were born.


  2. Christine,

    I know all about intrusive neighbors from several past situations at different homes. Are you currently looking for a new place to live or settled where you are? I have just moved to a new home in a new town, and hoping all goes well. So sorry you had to leave that home because of the neighbors.

    Love, Cathy

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    1. Catherine, Thanks for your comment. I’m actually settled and living in a sweet home for the past twelves years. I’m grateful to be here. Thanks for asking. I hope your new home is wonderful in all respects.


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