About Me..In Brief

I am a city mouse become a country mouse.  I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA, USA and lived there for most of my life.  I presently live in another beautiful place, Mount Shasta in the northernmost part of California.  Mount Shasta is 14, 179 feet at its highest elevation.  It is a tourist mecca in the summertime and considered a sacred site. Once the snow begins to melt at the higher elevations, beautiful springs, meadows and lakes are accessible for hiking and swimming.


One objective in moving to the mountains was to take myself seriously as a writer.  I had written in journals for many years.  I wanted to explore the possibility of compiling a book of poetry based on my life experiences.  Prior to moving, I recited my poetry publicly in cafes and bars around San Francisco to good response.

Arriving in Mt. Shasta, I was soon involved in local poetry circles.  I wrote, crafted and presented creative writing workshops employing poetic forms.  These expanded into themed creative writing workshops utilizing both prose and poetry. The popularity of these workshops grew locally.

Simultaneously I worked on various ideas for books. These haven’t come to fruition yet. However, the creative writing workshops were a surprise hit! And I found great joy in sitting in writing circles (with mostly women participants and a few daring men).

Beginning in 2008, and for several years, my aging parents needed extra care.  They lived one hour south of Mt. Shasta.  I made regular trips to assist them.  They were high maintenance by this time in their lives.  I put the workshops on pause to be of service to them.

Though I haven’t (yet) returned to facilitating writing workshops, I’ve decided to start a blog exploring the creative writing process and offering inspiration along with writing prompts. This blog is intended for anyone who has dreamed of writing and needs a little boost.  And for those who are currently writing and want more variety or depth in their craft.

Wishing you, the budding writer (and the established writer) an interesting and fun journey with me.