About Me..In Brief

I am a city mouse become a country mouse.  I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA, USA and I miss my family there.
That said, I live in a beautiful place, Mt. Shasta, CA.  It is in the northernmost part of California.  The mountain is 14, 179 feet at its highest elevation.  It is a tourist mecca in the summertime and considered a sacred site.  Once the snow begins to melt at the higher elevations, beautiful springs, meadows and lakes are accessible for hiking and swimming.


Two reasons that I left San Francisco…one was that I was leaving a thirty year marriage and wanted to put physical distance between the old life and the new one.  The second reason was because I wanted to take myself seriously as a writer.  I had been keeping journals for many years.  I also wrote poetry.  I actually recited my poetry publicly in cafes and bars around San Francisco before I moved.

Arriving in Mt. Shasta, I was soon involved in local poetry circles.  Before too long, I crafted creative writing workshops around poetry.  These expanded into themed creative writing workshops employing both prose and poetry.  The popularity of these workshops grew locally (to my amazement!).  At first, I offered them for donation only and then, at the advice of friends, I began to charge a nominal fee.

Simultaneously I worked on various ideas for books.  These haven’t come to fruition yet.
However, the creative writing workshops were a surprise hit!  And I found great joy in sitting in writing circles (mostly women participants and a few daring men).

Then my aging parents needed extra care.  They lived one hour south of Mt. Shasta.  I made regular trips weekly to assist them.  They were high maintenance by this time in their lives.  I put the workshops on pause to be of service to them.

Though I haven’t (yet) returned to facilitating writing workshops, I’ve decided to start a blog and offer a sample of process-oriented creative writing to those who have dreamed of writing and haven’t known how to begin.

Wishing you, the budding writer (and the established writer) a fun journey with me.