Galana…an Elephant

I first came across Dame Daphne Sheldrick and the work that she and her husband were doing–via a Sixty Minutes program.  With her husband, David Sheldrick, she created an orphanage for abandoned elephants…the mothers were poached for their ivory tusks.  Dame Daphne and her husband developed a sponsorship program to support the care of the young elephants.  One young elephant, Galana, was found on the Galana River in Kenya.  The trauma was visible in his eyes.  I wanted to draw him.  I used a graph to get the proportions right.  Then, he translated into my more whimsical purple elephant.



Dame Daphne’s (1934-2018) legacy continues.
This one-and-a-half minute film says so much.


In gratitude.

Galana…part one

Tsavo East National Park (Kenya) is one of the world’s largest game reserves providing an undeveloped wilderness home to vast numbers of animals.  The Galana River punctuates the generally flat, dry landscape.

“It always happens on a Sunday! During the morning of Sunday 15th August, a phone call from our De-Snaring Team Leader in Voi alerted us to the fact that a young female elephant had been rescued near the Galana river, about 10 miles from the Sala Gate on the Eastern boundary of Tsavo National Park. She was approximately 1 year old, and had been found all alone in a patch of thick salt-bush bordering the river by some visitors, who happened to spot a small foot poking out.”

This orphaned elephant was named Galana after the river near which she was rescued.

The following youtube excerpt is about eight minutes long.  It isn’t always easy to watch.  However, it is remarkable.

I first became aware of Dame Daphne Sheldrick and this elephant orphanage after watching a 60 Minutes television special several years ago.  I have not forgotten her and the orphaned elephants.

Writing Prompt:
When something tears at your heart, what is your response as a writer or an artist?