Welcome to my blog, Wake Up Princess.  The intention of this blog is to share my creative  process (through writing and other creative prompts) while encouraging your own creative process.  Sharing my life experiences through poetry, prose and painting, I prompt you, as a budding or seasoned writer and/or artist, to explore your own inner terrain.  As with any deep process, I encourage you to go only as deep as is comfortable for you.  If something feels like “too much”, please seek professional support.

I began writing about my personal journey as a woman–daughter, wife and mother–when I was 27-years old.  At that time, I fell into a deep depression.  Prior to that, I hadn’t experienced the seeming slum of depression.  The landscape was frightening and foreign. I had one confidante, my younger sister, though she was busy with her own burgeoning family life.

My husband, five-year-old daughter and I moved from San Francisco to a suburb–away from what was familiar.  My marriage-constrained husband virtually abandoned us there, working long shifts in the city and after work, playing handball and drinking with his buddies.  The relationship was seriously fractured.  The journal page became my salvation.  Many years later, I picked up a paintbrush and took some online art classes.  These classes fostered my dormant artist.  Today, I appreciate that I can merge my art with poetry, while writing and teaching about the creative process and our potential to become so much more than we have allowed ourselves to be.

Waking Up

Throughout our lives, we receive what have been termed “wake-up calls.”  Sometimes they impact us so much that we are changed forever.  Other times, we return to our slumber. When you are in a deep sleep, the fairy tales say you must wait for a prince to come along and kiss you awake.  I’m here to say that you have an inner princess and she is nudging you awake.  If you don’t listen, she’s going to blast you awake!  Looking at the state of events on this planet, we can see that it’s timely that individual princesses wake up and become the collective queen-mothers to ourselves, our families and our world.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I wish you a gentle waking up and deep peace.